CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras as Home Security

Homes with security camera surveillance are far less likely to be burglarized or vandalized than those without. Though security cameras don’t do anything to physically prevent crime from happening, homeowners today use them to deter criminals from trespassing and to keep their families safe.
Cameras these days have night vision, while some even have colour night vision. Ideal for passing onto Police to help identify intruders.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a system in which all elements, from the cameras to the recording devices, are directly connected in a closed circuit, and are not broadcast over public airwaves (hence the name). Once upon a time, the technology could only be used to observe live footage, but quickly developed into a recording system that allowed users to both view and preserve data. This made it the ultimate security technology. Today, property owners everywhere utilize CCTV technology to build simple to comprehensive security camera systems for their safety and peace of mind.

 Analog or IP Security System

Analog surveillance systems work by connecting your standard analog camera to a digital video recorder (DVR) via cables. The DVR receives the video from the camera, compresses it, and then stores it on a hard drive for either live viewing or later viewing. This setup also allows you to transport the video over the internet for remote viewing. With the analog system, the DVR does the compressing, converting, storing, and streaming the video. It is also controls all of the camera’s built-in capabilities, including motion detection, schedules, notifications, alarm inputs, and more.

IP systems are a little more involved, and as such, are a more expensive option. In an IP configuration, the camera takes over the role of the DVR, including compressing, converting, and streaming the video over an internet connection. With this setup, a DVR is not necessary; rather, the video can be streamed directly to a personal computer or an NVR (network video recorder).

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